Monday, 18 November 2013

An interview with Susanne Marie

Here is what Susanne has shared with us that we would like to share with our viewers...

"I feel that finding one's way home in this culture, and within the collective unconscious, to be challenging for anyone. Doing this while also having a family is not an easy one, as it often takes in the beginning a withdrawal from all outward and inward manifested beliefs. 

For me, everything that I have believed in over time, is returning back into the heart, into what breathed life into it. Everything gets to be examined, and over time things begin to be seen simply as they are, resulting in a sobering up to reality as it is. Once seen, then the process of embodiment, knowing that everything is part of the whole, every feeling, thought, as well as all outward manifestation, takes place within the context of raising children, meeting their needs, loving them and meeting their soul essence. Embodiment in my mind is never ending, and lasts (at least), until the last breath. Inherent in the willingness to meet myself continuously, I am also meeting these innocent beings day to day, in a natural way, which continually reveals where I am still holding resistance to letting things be as they are. 

Over the years, I have looked at many (both my own, and the collective), inherited cultural beliefs of what children should learn and how they should be raised. These beliefs are often examined alongside of my own letting go of what are my conditioned beliefs. It is an interesting experience to have simultaneously, hand in hand, both the dismantling of self-conditioned structures occur while your child is building up theirs, all the while seeing the naturalness and innocence of the emergence of a sense of an 'I' developing and knowing for oneself that that does not mean that one is in truth, separate. 

I have learned to accept my children's inheritance into the collective consciousness and unconsciousness, all the while knowing that in truth, we are all free. This is not always easy, and the nitty gritty of daily life continually reveals new uncharted territory forever creating fresh opportunities to meet each moment with love and acceptance. It is a curious and fascinating thing to be raising one's own children, holding and midwifing their own personal journey into the world with acceptance, all the while within oneself the outward cycle of becoming is in a cycle of returning home. 

The capacity of consciousness is seen to be able to hold both (the paradox of duality), as true, at once. This is a beautiful embrace, making nothing wrong. Seeing through illusion liberates all, as it is seen that in truth no one is lost, everything in the end returns home. Within this trust, raising these beautiful beings, and trusting in the inherent intelligence of life itself, seeing that even making mistakes are ok, all of it, somehow, being ok. The fumbling of life learning about itself is a beautiful thing. Understanding this has opened my eyes and heart to all of life being simply o.k as it is, even when there is the feeling at times that it isn't. I find a growing ability to be able to say yes to it all, and the yes comes from deep within myself, from a place of total allowance. That is my experience of Mothering, and it is my experience of now being in the world. In its larger embrace, one gets to see first hand how Mother Earth holds us, and all of her children as herself."

Susanne Marie 

On November 19th, Susanne came in to CTV's London studios for an interview with Renate. 

To view the complete interview, please click here


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