Sunday, 13 April 2014

An interview with Nigel Linacre and Erika Uffindell 

The Art of Stillness in Business 

Nigel is author of several books including ‘Why You are Here - Briefly’ and ‘An Introduction to 3-Dimensional Leadership.’ He is the co-founder of ‘Extraordinary Leadership’ and his clients include ‘Wellboring’ which provides water solutions for African communities.

‘I practice self-awareness. I can be still. I practice gratitude and explore consciousness. I Pray. See and you shall find yourself, and you find everything.’ 


Erika has worked as a brand manager for 25 years and is now transitioning out of this business to focus more on working with leaders to embrace the principles of conscious business. She works with Pinea3, the Global Institute for Conscious Leadership and Consciousness Capitalism UK.

On April 1st, Nigel and Erika were at Conscious TV studios for an interview with Iain McNay. You are welcome to watch the complete interview through this link

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