Sunday, 18 January 2015

An interview with Kristiina Helin

Kristiina Helin is from Finland. She is an Opera and Music Stage Director and a Mother. A few month ago Kristiina wrote us an email where she said: "Thank you for running Conscious.TV. I have seen all your programs and my solitude ended when I saw there are others with the same realization.  Until then I felt there was only me and Krishnamurti..."

Kristiina had many "Out of Body" experiences as a child which were frightening but these experiences also gave her a taste of her true Self. After entering Acting School in London where they were trying to reach the unknown by questioning radically their perception and reality, she coincidently found out about Japanese Butoh dance and traveled to Japan to study its philosophy. The most important exercise was Bisoku movement that is an extremely slow movement, dancing for example to the smell of a flower and different images. Through the slow movements, she entered witnessing, awareness becoming whatever was in front of her. After a long period of silence, Kristiina attended a gathering with Rupert Spira where she had a profound shift in her perception...looking into the mirror she was neither in her body nor in the mirror, she had disappeared. In her own words: "Relaxing the body is crucial...Life is fully moving through me as me"

To watch Renate McNay's complete interview with Kristiina, please click here


  1. This is more than beautiful. This is so clear that there are no more words needed to express what Kristiina is trying to say. Thank you very much for showing up on Conscious.TV. Krishnamurti was telling exact the same but there are not many that are listening.

  2. Like many of the CTV interviews, this effected me deeply in its own unique way. Two things: the discussion of high-speed things that can occur when one is being absolutely still really struck a deep chord. I was touched how Kristiina wasn't pressed to discuss 'that which can not be spoken of'. Secondly, the Bisoku exercise; I was spellbound by videos of Min Tinaka and practiced something close to 'sponaneous movement' myself but never heard of Bisoku until now (and how strange there's nothing on the web about it!) But having my first go at the exercise this morning I was really shocked to find how powerful it can be. In fact the 'stillness in perpetual movement' is a theme that is really significant for me at this time. I hope to be able to share this wonderful technique and wisdom and can't wait (haha!) to find out more! Thank you Kristiina.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words dear Jonathan.

  3. Delighted to hear this and many thanks for the comment. Indeed Bisoku is not easy to find from internet. I added to my web site under the philosophy/links the address to different Body Weather laboratories around the world, some information can be found from there. Wishing you all good and beautiful with Bisoku Jonathan, Kristiina

  4. Thank you for replying to me with your kindness Kristiina. I wish the same for you.

  5. Yesterday I was thinking out of the blue, I can place a text on Facebook, something like: it can always a little slower. But then I realized I do not know anything, and forgot it.. But today I saw you on You Tube, and knowing this pattern of thinking and then meeting, I suppose this why I thought it out of the blue. I am a Dutch woman, recently discovered Rupert Spira and there where a lot of common things I recognized between you and me. The body is very often a problem to my mind (probably the other way around;)) so therefore being most of my live studying the mind, now is the time to give attention to the body. I think II love men, but I really love it that you are a women..