Friday, 5 April 2013

An interview with John Rowan 

John Rowan started to work in the Transpersonal field in 1982 and he wrote the book, 'The Transpersonal: Spirituality in Psychotherapy and Counselling'. He also co-wrote, 'The Therapist's Use of Self' arguing  that the transpersonal has a unique contribution to make in the therapy field. 

He has been exploring the higher levels of mysticism since 2003 and has written several papers with detailed arguments which have been published. He has mounted transpersonal workshops in 25 countries and is a regular contributor to EUROTAS conferences. 

In this interview, we will explore the Centaur, Subtle, Causal and Nondual states and demonstrate the differences between these stages. 

"In my daily work as a psychotherapist, I attune myself to the client’s way of being in order to get on to the same wavelength, so to speak. I am what has been called ‘an authentic trickster’ in the sense that I can genuinely match the client’s level of consciousness at all times. In other words, I do not claim to be a dedicated mystic who is always at, say, the nondual level of consciousness.  I would rather claim to be able to enter that state at will or as appropriate.’ John Rowan

You can listen to Iain McNay's latest interview with John Rowan 

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