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An Interview with Marlies Cocheret

Women and Consciousness Series hosted by Renate McNay 
April 23, 2013

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Marlies was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She was driven by wanting to know "what is this life about" and in her twenties, she spent a year in India and studied with Osho who taught her about meditation and the Beingness that we all are. That experience changed her life completely. She knew what she was searching for was found. She had arrived home. 

When she returned to the Netherlands, she completed her Master's Degree in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. She trained for a year in a therapeutic community and then went to France to work with troubled teens and adults who had experienced family abuse. During this period, she studied and worked extensively with Barry Long, an Australian western tantra teacher.

When she was back in the Netherlands, she continued her western tantra training with Carla and Viram Verberk, continuing in the US with Charles and Carolyn Muir to become a certified tantric educator, CTE. A lot of her sacred sexuality work is rooted in their teachings. 

In 1994, she moved to Santa Cruz, California, where she met her root teacher, Adyashanti, a teacher from the Zen Buddhist tradition. In 2000 Adyashanti asked her to teach the dharma.

"I have no words for the deep love and support for the spiritual unfolding Adya has given me. He is an example of living an ordinary life as an awakened householder." MC

In 1999, Marlies started her two-year Hakomi training, then she assisted in the Hakomi training in San Francisco for three years, two years of which she was lead assistant. In 2003, she became certified in Hakomi. 

In these past few years, she has studied with Daniel Odier, a Chan master and Kashmirian tantric master; two traditions that have touched her deeply. Lama Tsultrim Allione, who is deeply rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, has also deeply touched Marlies.

Marlies is dedicated to the service of others. She loves to be with people in the deep process of Truth. What permeates all her work is her love for dance; West-African and traditional dance from Congo Brazzaville, NIA and authentic movement. In dance her purpose is to bring Stillness to life. She's gives thanks to her dance teachers, Debbie Nargi-Brown, Alasane Kane, and Vivien Bassouamina.

"There is immense gratitude for all my teachers, who they are and what they teach. I bow in deep gratitude for all that is given and taken away." MC


Marlies will be one of the guests on the panel Renate McNay will be hosting as part of Conscious TV's Women and Consciousness Series on April 23rd.

If you have any questions you'd like us to ask Marlies on your behalf, please do let us know by leaving a comment here on our blog or contacting us through our e-mail or our Facebook page. 

Until then, you are more than welcome to  listen to an interview Renate conducted with Marlies in May of 2012. 

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