Friday, 18 October 2013

Renate McNay's interview with Amoda Maa Jeevan, author of 
Radical Awakening - The Birth of a New World and a New You 

Amoda has kindly shared an excerpt of her book with Conscious TV viewers that we will share with you in this blog post: 

"Traditional spiritual teachings have all emphasized the cultivation of an inner state of stillness that awakens us to the truth of our being-nature. And, they say, this is achieved by turning away from worldly activity. Whilst the recognition of our essential nature as this being-ness is the foundation of awakening, what was relevant thousands of years ago is not so relevant today. The exponential increase of pace and pressure in today’s world brings an evolutionary story to enlightenment that asks us to reframe our understanding of what it means to be an awakened human being. 

What’s important now, is that awakening is no longer about abandoning or transcending physical reality in order to live a spiritual life: rather, it’s about the fulfillment of our divine destiny by living the truth of our inner radiance whilst in earthly bodies. What’s emerging today is a whole new relationship to life that gives birth to an authentic human being. It’s a refreshingly contemporary perspective that acknowledges the imperative to anchor ourselves within the ground of being whilst celebrating the emergence of that which we are becoming. Another way of saying it, is that it’s an embracement of both the absolute truth of stillness and the relative truth of the movement of life. The evolutionary impulse that drives the ever-unfolding nature of existence is calling us to awaken to the pristine perfection of our inner light and then to fully embody and express this light amidst the imperfection and darkness of the world." 

On Oct. 24th, Amoda Maa Jeevan was at CTV studios for an interview with Renate McNay... can now watch the full interview by clicking here

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