Saturday, 13 September 2014

Higher Being Bodies 
an interview with Ocke de Boer 

Ocke is the author of the book Higher being Bodies, which is based on a non-dualistic approach to the Fourth Way.  

Ever since hearing the song, ‘Why Are We Sleeping’ by Kevin Ayers when he was a teenager, Ocke realized that reality was different to what he had learnt and wanted to wake up. He became a sailor when he was 16, worked in a youth prison when he was 20 and then started to read Ouspensky and Gurdjieff. “This was like coming home,” he says.

In this interview, he talks about applying sacred ideas and explains ‘coating', the dual-nature of human beings.  We have a physical body composed of material from the Earth and a Kesdjan body which is composed of matter from the solar system.

“I am the absence of my presence and I am the absence of the presence of my presence.”

Iain McNay's complete interview with Ocke is now available on Conscious TV through this link

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