Sunday, 9 November 2014

An interview with Eimear Moran 
A Feather on the Breath of God 

Eimear Moran is the author of the book The Garden Path Home to Eden - A new Way of seeing Love, Self and the Garden.

Eimear could always see the Divine in Nature and when her life seemed to fall apart she could only allow this total "Free Fall" in the safe place of her garden where she would sit with all her pain and loneliness. One day she sat in her garden looking at a Hawthorn Tree, it was a grey, cold day and miserable. The tree looked poor and barren and she thought 'I must look as barren to this tree as he is to me.' In that moment she woke up and realized her true nature. An amazing feeling of love came over her, it was a reality of heavenly perfection and she knew she had met God. 

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Renate McNay's complete interview with Eimear can now be viewed through this link

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  1. I just watched this interview last night and was very much inspired and encouraged by Eimear's real-life illustration of awakening/change of perception.

    Being a student of the Course in Miracles, I found Eimear's illustration to both validate and confirm the truths taught in the instruction book, the Course, which I am studying.

    NOTE: if you do get the Course book, be sure to get the urtext manuscript, as the more popular version has been changed from the original dictation.

    I plan on and look forward to watching other interviews on this website.