Sunday, 9 November 2014

An interview with Prajna Ginty 
The Edge of Grace

Prajna is a mother, spiritual teacher and author of the book, Edge of Grace - A Seeker's Path to the Heart of Liberation. She was on top of the 'enlightenment mountain' and spent 7 years in Samadhi when she was thrown by spirit into a cauldron of transmuting fire. A long walk into the dark night began where she felt she could not live this life anymore. One night she went close to the cliff and began jumping when something picked her up saying, 'This is your purpose and the life to live, you're staying, go home.' 

In Prajna's words

'I want everyone to know that regardless of their circumstances, they can directly experience wholeness, return to the deepest peace and live in freedom'

Renate McNay's complete interview with Prajna is now available on Conscious TV via this link

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